Relocating the homelab! (and raid funkyness)

Date: 08/18/23 10:00PM EST

Yup.. It was not fun..

Long story short, I was kicked out of where the homelab originaly was, so I had to move it quick. That’s the reason behind the recent 3 day downtime! (i’m sorry)

After an impromptu 25 mile trip to get it up, all seemed well! Until a day later.. I noticed that the server appeared to be down, nothing responding, connection failed, oh well. I wouldn’t be able to be at the server physicaly for a day, so I had to deal with the constant thought it was down lmao.

I thought it was strange, I went with a server motherboard to for of the advantages, one of them being that it will forever try to stay on, only staying off if someone pressed the power button.

Even more strangely, (but thankfully!) the server out of nowhere starting working, nearly 12 hours after first doing down. Something fishy happened, because the first thing I noticed was the uptime was 4 days; when the server was installed here. I ran htop to check the load averages, and the 15 minute avg was 120!

I’m still not sure what happened, but it’s fine now so whatever lol

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the issues… The server uses 3 2TB drives in a RAID 5, so I check the health every once in awhile to make sure it’s doing alright. When I checked today, my heart dropped to see the status as degraded!!

For some reason drive 1 was listed as removed, and i’m still not sure why. Luckily adding it back was fine.

Image of mdstat

You’re probably thinking, “dummy! check the drive health!” so don’t worry! i did! The drive marked as removed was the only consumer drive, the rest are retired NAS drives, so it immediately raised my sketch meter. The drive has over 5000 reallocated sectors!

smartmonctl output for the drive

The drive has only 18000 hours compared to the other 2 drives coming close to 60000 hours, but it’s probably just because it’s a consumer drive. I’ll continue to use the drive for now, as throughout the RAID rebuild, it doesn’t appear to be raising, and there aren’t any other bad things like uncorrectable errors or pending sectors. Soon enough it’ll have to be replaced tho

Thanks for listening to my ramble, and remember, dragongoose loves you! <3